Project Guide

Are you interested in having FORMATURA Design & Build Inc. refresh an area of your existing home, or design and build a new one? The process is quite easy… please read on…

first consultation meeting

First you contact us, and we set up a time to meet.

Our designer will meet with you in the comfort of your home to discuss your needs and desires for your home, what sort of ideas you have in mind, and how the space will suit your lifestyle. You’ll talk about styles, materials, finishes and features that you may want to incorporate into your new or existing home. The designer may draw some basic sketches to capture and clarify ideas, and have a basic look at your home and/or lot to give you a sense of how feasible the ideas may be.

This first meeting usually takes about 1- 2 hours and is an opportunity to compare ideas and decide if we want to work together. There is no charge for this first meeting unless our meeting is outside of the Comox Valley, then travel costs will apply.

As every project is unique, making the best choice of ‘what to do’ and ‘where to start’ requires proper information.

Our designer has over 25 years of experience in design, project management, custom kitchens, furniture building, millwork, and all facets of residential construction. We are up to date on the Comox Valley housing market and can give you a very good estimation of the costs facing you. Our goal is to give you the most relevant information so you can decide with confidence what your next step will be.

the next step

When you are ready to proceed with the process, you contact us and we set up a second meeting where you and our designer can explore your project in more detail. We’ll discuss the likely time line for your project, give you an approximation of probable costs, and choose the appropriate direction to proceed.

It is at the beginning of this second meeting that FORMATURA Design & Build Inc. commences to bill for time on an hourly basis.

Our services are billed at an hourly rate to give us the flexibility to tailor our services to the needs of your project. Since the scope of every project differs, so does the amount of time required to create drawings and models, develop the design, and produce detailed budget information.

the process

FORMATURA Design and Build Inc. will then create the appropriate design drawings and Working Budget Estimate for your project, and will present this information at our next meeting. You’ll comment on the elements and finish details you prefer, and either approve the design and budget, or suggest any alterations to either that you feel are important.

If you choose to proceed with the project, these design costs will become part of the the project cost.

If after reviewing the concept drawings and budget, you decide that you do not wish to proceed with the project, you will be billed for our design time invested to prepare the drawings and estimate.

We work through the design process together, and once we’ve finalized the design, we create the appropriate construction drawings and coordinate the necessary documentation for permits if required.

A suitable date to begin the work will be chosen with regard for schedules and any required lead time for materials orders, etc. As the work commences, we communicate with you regarding the schedule of events, keep you informed as to the progress, and of any decisions that require your input.

When it is all complete and the final documents are signed off, you can move into your new space and celebrate.

Please CONTACT US to begin the conversation.

Thank you for your interest!

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